• The Mitchell-Tappan House was built in 1897 by the Oliver Iron Mining Company for their Superintendent, Pentecost Mitchell.  William Marshall Tappan was the second Superintendent to live in the home.  
  • The town of Hibbing, known as "The Town that Moved", grew rapidly in its early years due to iron mining.  Around 1915, iron was discovered underneath the town.
  • Negotiations between the Oliver Mining Co. and the village finally brought about a plan whereby the entire city would relocate to a site two miles south.  The Mitchell-Tappan House was one of the first homes to be relocated in 1919 as a way for the Oliver Mining Co. to show the residents that it could be done.
  • About 200 structures were moved.  The last house was moved in 1968.
  • The circa 1920 photo above, from the collection of the Minnesota Historical Society, is of the house in its new location.